Insured Mortgages

Your Best Option for Insured Mortgage Solutions


Interest rates in line with what your bank can offer, flexible terms and FREE! Home System Warranty insurance to save you up to $10,000 every year.

Buy your new home for as little as 5% down if you’ve got good credit and income.

We’ll hold the rate for 120 days and commit to you for the term of your mortgage – if anything changes on your end, we’ll be here. XMC has a more generous privilege and penalty payment policy that won’t punish you if life takes an uncharted turn.

No Frills

Ready to put down some roots? Long-term security and peace of mind means you can focus on building your future.

The XMC no frills Simplicity mortgage solution offers the same competitive interest rates and features that our fully-featured mortgage solution does; however, prepayment privileges are limited to 10/10 and the terms are closed. That means it can be prepaid in full only in the case of a bona fide sale of the property or a refinance with XMC.


Returned Payment (insured)$105.00
Hold/Delay Payment$82.00
Skip Payment (if applicable)$82.00
Mid-term Change$90.00

Returned Payment (insured)Hold/Delay PaymentSkip Payment (if applicable)Mid-term Change


Discharges - NOT AB,QC,BC, MB$380.00
Land Registration Fee – ON$75.63
Discharges – BC$75.00
Discharges – AB and QC$0.00
Discharges – MB$225.00
Discharge- NB$85.00
Discharge Reproduction – ON & QC$25.00
Discharge Reproduction - all other provinces - NOT ON & QC$100.00

Discharges - NOT AB,QC,BC, MBLand Registration Fee – ONDischarges – BCDischarges – AB and QCDischarges – MBDischarge- NBDischarge Reproduction – ON & QCDischarge Reproduction - all other provinces - NOT ON & QC


Assignments/Transfers - NOT NF, NS, PEI, QC$380.00
Assignments/Transfers NF$50.00
Assignments/Transfers NS$25.00
Assignments/Transfers QC$0.00
Assignments/Transfers PEI$25.00

Assignments/Transfers - NOT NF, NS, PEI, QCAssignments/Transfers NFAssignments/Transfers NSAssignments/Transfers QCAssignments/Transfers PEI


Payment of Tax Arrears$150.00+
Payment of Utility ArrearsArrears > $500 = 10%, Arrears= $50-$499= $50, Arrears <$50= $0
Breakdown of Tax Acct$75.00/hr
Tax Admin Fee from MunicipalityVaries by municipality
Tax Portion Cancellation$75.00


PortDetermined by XMC
RefinanceDetermined by XMC
Partial Discharges (excluding QC)$250.00
Partial Discharges (QC)$0.00
Qualified Assumptions$450.00
Non-Qualified Assumptions$0.00
Covenant Change$350.00
Bridge Loan Processing FeeFee varies
AppraisalsVaries by geography. Paid by borrower

PortRefinancePartial Discharges (excluding QC)Partial Discharges (QC)Qualified AssumptionsNon-Qualified AssumptionsCovenant ChangeBridge Loan Processing FeeAppraisals
Determined by XMCDetermined by XMC$250.00$0.00$450.00$0.00$350.00Fee variesVaries by geography. Paid by borrower

Legal Action

Default Administration$250.00
Bankruptcy/Consumer Proposal Administration$300.00+
Payment of Condo Arrears$150.00+

Default AdministrationBankruptcy/Consumer Proposal AdministrationPayment of Condo Arrears


Annual Statement Reprint$75.00
Information Statements$25.00
Amortization Schedule$75.00 (free when requested on borrower portal)
Repayment History$25.00 (free when requested on borrower portal)

Annual Statement ReprintInformation StatementsAmortization ScheduleRepayment History
$25.00$20.00$25.00 (free when requested on borrower portal)$25.00 (free when requested on borrower portal)


Refund Cheque$0.00
Cheque Processing Fee$25.00
Lapse in Impairment Insurance$325.00 every 3 months
Records Research$75.00
Copy from File$25.00

Refund ChequeCheque Processing FeeLapse in Impairment InsuranceRecords ResearchCopy from File
$0.00$25.00$250.00 every 3 months$75.00$25.00