Mortgage Solutions

Refinance Solutions

Discover Refinance mortgage options for Canadians seeking something new. Chart a fresh course by accessing the equity in your home to lower monthly payments, buy a rental property, renovate, consolidate or invest. It’s your opportunity.

Debt Consolidation

You might be able to save hundreds—even thousands—in monthly payments by using your equity to pay down any debt outside of your existing mortgage. Car loans, second mortgages and credit card balances typically have much higher interest rates than what we can offer you.

Home Improvements

If you’re planning to make some changes around the house, don’t pay more than you need to. Refinance with XMC to access lower interest rates than what you’ll get paying for renos on your credit or retailer cards.


Have you used up your RRSP contribution limit for the year? If not, you can leverage your equity to invest in your retirement.

You can find a Mortgage Broker in your area to help or simply complete our online application here.